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What We Do


 Helping Out Patients Everywhere


Whether you’re a patient, caretaker, family member, or a medical professional looking for information to provide your patient, Hope Settlements can help you find the information you need! Creating Vision, Sharing Information, Strengthening Systems, Making a Difference Through Volunteer-based Partnerships and Initiatives.

Hope Settlements has an exclusive network of licensed professionals and volunteers, who take great pride in helping patients maximize their insurance benefits, and obtain solutions for many of their other financial challenges, health care requirements, emotional support, and daily living needs. 

Free Advocacy & Referral Services Provided

  • Consumer awareness –  social services, benefit eligibility, financial planning, education
  • Insurance  – eligibility, conversion options, cash settlements, maximizing benefits
  • Transportation Services – to medical appointments, church, grocery shopping
  • Nutritional Needs – food boxes, dietary needs
  • Housing – mortgage assistance, shelter, repairs
  • Utilities – waivers,  service relief
  • Medical Expenses – deductable, co pays, collections, financial assistance
  • Prescriptions – deductable, co pays, financial assistance
  • Social Security Disability – declinations, applications, appeals
  • Education – consumer awareness, social services
  • Emotional – support groups, faith based organizations, prayer partners, counselors
  • Veterans – benefits, applications, eligibility. qualifications, appeals
  • Misc  – child care, maid, home repairs, wigs, creditor protection, financial support

Hope Settlements will match patients, providers, or family members, with local businesses with corporate benevolence efforts, local volunteer licensed professionals, charitable foundations, faith based organizations, philanthropic affiliations, along with national and regional community based nonprofit organizations, that have resources and a desire to help families in need.

Everyone on the journey of medical recovery, should have access to Free Financial Support Services that can improve quality of life and provide relief from distress.

Hope Settlements is not a licensed life settlement provider or broker. All Hope Settlement and Life Insurance Settlement applicants will be referred to a licensed entity to insure state regulatory compliance. Visit our LEARNING CENTER