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WELCOME and THANK YOU for visiting Hope Settlements!

We appreciate the decision you have made to learn more about us, our partners, and sincerely hope that you or someone you know can benefit from the variety of services we gratefully provide to those who may be seeking Help and Hope.

Seniors and patients coping with chronic, life threatening or debilitating illnesses, including cancer are often faced with more than a medical challenge. The cost associated with aging and treatment, not only affects them but also family, friends, and caregivers in their physical, emotional, and financial capacities. The costs associated are often overwhelming and are the leading cause of U.S. Bankruptcies across our nation. Saving and retirement accounts, along with having health insurance coverage does not guarantee you will be able to afford receiving proper treatment, pay for non-related costs, nor does it ensure one’s quality of life, or relief from stress.

HOPE SETTLEMENTS was created for the purpose of Helping Out Patients Everywhere

Everyone on the journey of medical recovery, should have access to Free Financial Support Services that can improve quality of life and provide relief from distress.
Our help is available and can be received in numerous forms. We will take the time to evaluate the patients immediate needs and act as advocate on behalf of the family. There are tons of non profit organizations, private foundations, corporations, and faith based affiliates, that have people and resources available for families in need. A Hope Settlement, often called a Viatical or Life Insurance Settlement, is another possible option which pays a large sum of cash to those who qualify and or financially suited to accept. We have an exclusive network of licensed professionals and volunteers, who take great pride in helping families obtain a solution for many of their other financial challenges, insurance needs, and will assist you in seeking out the answers to any other questions that you or a family member may have.

It is best to start researching all of your options before a financial crisis arises and knowledge can often be the greatest prescription. It is our hearts desire to be of service to you, and would be honored to act as your Advocate. Contact Us today!

  • Cancer and Chronically Ill Patients

    Hope Settlements for chronically or terminally ill Patients are defined as a Viatical Settlement. It involves the sale of your life insurance policy once you have become chronically or terminally ill.

  • Seniors (70 and above)

    Life Insurance Settlements involve transferring the ownership of your unneeded life insurance policy for an amount of cash that is higher than your policies cash surrender value, but lower than the face amount.